7 dic. 2010

SvR 2010 Mod


*Current Shows for all

*Shane O' Mac, JR , King, Tazz , Chioda and Lilian unlocked (Don't care about the others)

*Everyone has entrances, not all music and movie

*Name changes on some moves. Not seen on the select screen, but in C-A-Moveset

*49 Superstars/Divas añadidos:



Bam Bam Bigelow

Booker T

Bret Hart

The British Bulldog

Cactus Jack

Chris Benoit

Dude Love

Eddie Guerrero

Hardcore Holly

Hollywood Hogan

Hulk Hogan

Jake Roberts

Jim Neidhart

Junkyard Dog

Kurt Angle


Mick Foley

Mr Perfect

Ric Flair

Rick Rude

Roddy Piper

Stone Cold Steve Austin (On his slot)




Christy Hemme


Joy Giovanni



Stacy Kiebler

Stephanie McMahon

Torrie Wilson







Terry Funk


Charlie Haas

Chris Masters

Joey Mercury

Johnny Nitro

Kid Kash

Lance Cade

Paul London


Super Crazy

Trevor Murdoch

*Alt attires:

-Masked Kane Svr06

-Undertaker Svr06

-Trish Stratus Svr06 & 07

-Randy Orton Svr07

-Batista Svr07

-Melina Svr07 & 08

-Mickie James Svr09

-Michelle McCool Svr08

-Chris Jericho Svr06 & 09

-HBK Svr06

-Kelly Kelly Svr08 & 08 alt

-Carlito Svr08 y 09

-Rey Svr06, 07 & 08

-Jeff Hardy Svr08

-Matt Hardy Svr08

-Brian Kendrick Svr09

-Paul London Svr09

-Shane McMahon Svr07

-Tazz Svr07

-Jerry Lawler Svr07


-Almost All entrances can be Easy edited. Better do not edit them, since the ones w/o music/tron CAN'T be edited.

-King has the King Booker entrance.

-Not movesets done. (mainly because some movesets are presets in-game. And for the others, make your own moveset. Dunno if release a save w/ movesets some time later)

-Unlocked some moves: Hogan Leg Drops 1 and 2, Benoit Attack, Benoit and Hogan taunts. Full nelson facebuster as finisher (Will not work when seen as finishers, but will work on matches. Taunts can be seen in C-A-Moveset)


To be done:

-Replace Music 1.0: Replace the unused tracks: Cody Rhodes, SHAD, Carlito, Nikki Bella... etc, since they use their Tag Team tracks along with their partners. (Done, not released yet.)

-Replace Music 2.0: Give 2 tracks per Superstar. ex: JBL to have on his Face Slot the APA theme and on his Heel Slot his Longhorn theme. Keep the Sample theme.

To be done later:

-Only Legends Mod: Waiting for texture edits. Specially the MachoMan, the SYM Masked Kane, and the Vader one. And add the 2011 ones (Mostly Snuka and Steamboat, since the others were on past games. Unless somebody makes a Luger edit. And yes, I´m adding Jimmy Hart AND Bearer)

-Just Superstars/Divas one: TRY to add every superstar/Diva since 06, also include the 2011 ones (Alicia Fox, Sheamus, McIntyre, Kidd, Smith, Archer and Ryder) and replace some models with the 2011 ones (Miz, Bourne, Edge, Kozlov, Regal, Swagger, HBK, Punk)

For the sake of space on the Arc File, These two may not have extra alt. attires.

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